Monday, December 10, 2012

Voters don't seem too concerned about health care costs

In a new Politico/George Washington Battleground poll of voters, "health care costs" sits much lower than usual.

When asked what their greatest priority was, voters chose...

1. Government spending and the budget deficit 23%

2. The economy 22%

3. Jobs 14%

4. Education 11%

5. Medicare/Social Security 7%

6. Taxes and healthcare costs 5%

The most surprising number there? By a 2:1 margin, voters view education as a more serious issue than healthcare costs.

So why isn't health care perched in its usual, lofty position?

My guess -- neither Obama nor Romney talked much about it in the election. Obama knew ObamaCare was unpopular, and Romney knew RomneyCare was essentially the same thing. So there was a Soviet-U.S. mutually-assured destruction thing going on.