Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What their books are telling us about their 2016 intentions

Over on The Hill homepage today, I take a look at which 2016ers have written what, and what that says about their presidential aspirations.

One note that I mentioned yesterday -- a number of top prospects have already written the obligatory memoir (Jindal, Rubio, Hillary Clinton). All three seem to have another book in them -- one that's less biographical and more philosophical.

In fact, the question is whether this is becoming the new norm: a prospective candidate writes a more accessible, mass market memoir; then sets the stage for their presidential message with a more policy-centric, thoughtful book.

One more note -- when is Christie gonna write a book? Everything is there for a really good bestseller.

Christie is currently bookless, which is somewhat surprising considering his heady rise, penchant for self-promotion and impressive record of standing up to powerful interests.

He’s up for reelection in 2013, so don’t expect a book until after he takes his second oath of office. As it turns out, that would put the potential book’s release in the 2014-2015 time frame — perfect for presidential purposes.

Junkies would be particularly interested to see how or if he handles his controversial behavior in the 2012 general election. Would he use the book to further explain his Obama bear-hug, his self-aggrandizing convention keynote address and critics’ accusations that he snubbed Mitt Romney on the campaign’s last weekend because he was bitter about not getting picked as his vice

presidential running mate?

A chapter or two could go a long way toward resolving those questions. The only potential hiccup for Christie? There’s no way to put YouTube videos into books.