Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What will DeMint chirp from his new perch?

The Hill's Cameron Joseph reports that Jim DeMint will probably put policy before electoral politics at The Heritage Foundation.

“Sen. DeMint made that pledge so that he could work more effectively with his colleagues. Now he’s free to do whatever he can do in the future. That said, I think he’ll be more focused on policy at Heritage and less involved in campaigns,” said Matt Hoskins, a longtime DeMint confidant who now runs the Senate Conservatives Fund, an outside group DeMint helped set up before it became a super-PAC last summer.

Hoskins said that DeMint largely had been a policy “wonk” in his early days in Congress before putting an increased focus on primaries in the last few cycles. He predicted that the retiring senator would spend most of his time pushing for conservative policies and using his new perch to help mobilize the conservative grass roots for policy specifics — and less time on helping particular Senate candidates.

“I think he’ll focus on the new role he has and that he may be less involved in campaigns. That doesn’t mean that he can’t be and that doesn’t mean that he won’t be involved [in races],” Hoskins said. “He really is going to be more free to do what he wants, and I expect he’ll really focus on Heritage and policy.”