Monday, December 3, 2012

When governors are kind of useless

Smart Politics notes that 2012 -- as well as every cycle since 1968 -- proved that governors don't seem to help their party's presidential nominees in battleground states.

Obama did not lose any of the battleground states in which Democrats fell flat in gubernatorial races two years ago.

In fact, almost all of the closest races in the country saw a presidential nominee carry a state with a governor in office from the opposite party - including all seven key GOP gubernatorial pickups in 2010.

Of the 16 states decided by single digits in 2012, 11 voted for the presidential nominee of a party other than its sitting governor, including each of the five states with the narrowest margin of victory.

Quickly think of some of the 2012 evidence: Scott Walker didn't help Romney win Wisconsin, John Kasich didn't help Romney win Ohio, McDonnell didn't help Romney win Virginia, Terry Branstad didn't help him win Iowa, Tom Corbett didn't help him in Pennsylvania.

Romney essentially avoided Florida Gov. Rick Scott, so this should silence the throng of critics (no one) who think Romney should have hooked up with Scott.

At the very least, this should silence a popular talking point. Does that mean it will? Probably not.