Monday, December 3, 2012

Will Jan Brewer run in 2016?

You should read Ken Vogel's look at just how extensive 2016ers early outreach is to the mega donors who can fund 2016 Super PACs, but this part is particularly intriguing -- Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer met with the ultimate Super PAC donor, Sheldon Adelson. recently.

Brewer is termed out in '14, which means she might have... dare we say it, presidential ambitions.

Could she win a GOP presidential primary? No.

Could her presence in the race invite an unwelcome dose of heated debate and rhetoric on immigration, stoked by a media that relishes intraparty warfare? Why, yes, yes it could!

The only silver lining for the GOP?

Brewer could be an effective foil for the other candidates and give them an opportunity to rhetorically smack down Arizona-style immigration laws and prove just how far they will have presumably moved on the issue by then.