Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Will Senator Rubio take the Senator Clinton path?

Politico reports that, contrary to popular expectations, Marco Rubio won't be flying about the country collecting chits for a presidential run in a Tim Pawlenty-2012 manner the next few years.

Instead, he'll be working on rounding out his resume -- sort of like Hillary Clinton before she launched her 2008 bid.

Rubio plans little overt political travel and instead will work to build a legislative record. He is said by friends to be self-aware of his lack of Senate achievements and hates the notion of being the communicator, not the ideas guy.

His advisers calculate that he will be much better off getting something actually passed, even if it’s small, rather than just talking.

Here's a prediction -- Rubio will write a policy-centric book by the time 2016 rolls around. He already has a memoir under his belt, and the next step is a more philosophical book (incidentally, I expect the same from Bobby Jindal, who's already released a book about his life, and can now wonk out in his next book).

Meanwhile, it looks like Paul Ryan is trying to position himself as the second coming of Jack Kemp, which is questionable considering the first coming never got closer to the presidency himself than Ryan.

He will open this new phase not with his trademark call for fiscal restraint or a Medicare overhaul but a challenge to Republicans to help lift up the very voters who rejected the party so decisively last month — including the poor, minorities and the “47 percent.” Next year, Ryan will try to transcend his austerity brand by moving beyond cuts and entitlements to push for a new war on poverty and new immigration measures.