Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The end of GOP12

Four years and 18,919 posts later — plus we're into 2013 — it's time to move on from GOP12.

The Hill and I have decided to part ways, and I want to thank them for graciously giving me the chance to write about the candidates — it's been a pleasure and an honor to work for such a fine organization.

Thanks, as well, to the editor of my weekly newspaper column, Emily Goodin, and to editor-in-chief Hugo Gurdon for bringing me on in 2011.

Finally, thanks to my fantastic, smart readers, who've sent lots of smartness and notes of kindness that have kept me going these past four years. It's pretty awesome to get emails from people who stumbled across this site in 2008 and have been reading it ever since. You rock, and I'm so grateful for your support.

So what's my next move?

I'm going to journey down a new, four-year path to the 2016 election. Sometime next week, I'll be launching an independent blog focused on the Republican and Democratic presidential nomination races.

It's going to differ from GOP12 and take into account the shifting nature of media consumption, and will also, I hope, be original, fun, and informative.

I'm incredibly excited, and that means you'll hopefully be at least mildly interested.

I'll have details very soon so follow me on Twitter for updates (Click here to follow) and check my personal page for updates.